Welcome to Amada Productions featured artist Toni Allayialis-Hepi

“Toni is the most inspiring singer, musician, artist, entertainer I have ever encountered. When Toni performs you witness the soulful and powerful genius of a singer, whatever genre of music she is performing. Toni live is just simply amazing.”
Andrew Theodore, Publicist

“With mesmerising range, Toni transports you with her ability to channel the Greats. Her live performances will get you up and dancing to the rhythmic beats of R&B, Jazz, Latin and Soul. If you want to experience a real voice, do yourself a favour and indulge in the gift of song.”
Rowan Ness, Artist


Toni has performed throughout Australia, Asia, The Caribbean, Europe, and The Pacific. Cruise ship entertainment as lead singer with Latin band, ‘Corazon’.


Toni has a variety of talents and is an experienced entertainer, singer, dancer, actor, performer, songwriter, playwright, director and teacher of Performing Arts.


Toni has a passion for what she does and has gained a reputation for delivering successful community art workshops and ongoing development for artists.

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